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My name is Jeff Drock, and for the past 20 years I have spent thousands of hours studying the on-court footwork movement patterns of top-ranked pros and I have been on court improving some of the best players in the world.  The players I have worked with include: Top 100 ranked touring pros, Davis/fed cup players, junior state champions, junior national champions, and even “World Champions in every  junior age group!” 

At least 95% of players I have seen do not move in a naturally efficient manner and unless a player understands how to move, just playing will “NEVER IMPROVE FOOTWORK!” Playing more will actually ingrain poorly executed footwork patterns that players are doing.

When strokes need improvement, we practice specific things to improve them. We don’t practice poor stroke technique over and over again! In order to optimize one’s tennis level, footwork (Lower Body Technique) must be trained in a correct manner. 

The following is a brief checklist that should enable players to know if they need to place emphasis on improving their footwork: 

 Are you efficiently recovering back to the baseline T after hitting wide balls?

Do you hit the ball well when it is hit or fed to your comfortable hitting zone/strike zone but struggle to produce that same quality and consistency when movement is involved?  

When attempting to hit an effective approach shot, do you have a tough time getting to them, or do you get too close to the ball, or do you just seem off balance and are not sure why when hitting approach shots?  

Do you struggle to hit wide balls back with a solid stroke?

Do you have difficulty getting your feet set to hit the stroke when moving? 

Do you struggle to make space for balls that are hit right at your body? 

Do you feel there is something not quite right with your return of serve movement and perhaps even the recovery movement after the return?

Are you using too many big steps or too many little steps when playing or are you perhaps just confused with that?

Do you struggle to get into correct stances or perhaps even understand the correct tennis stances? Closed/Semi-open, and Open?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then you can either keep making the same mistakes over and over again or you can…..  

Get The Footwork Analyzed And Fixed Now!


Step #1 Video Analysis is one of the best ways to study and improve footwork.  Record a video or a few videos (max. up to 25 minutes total time). The video can be of matchplay, practice, or a lesson. You can also record as many or as few of the following 25 footwork areas which have been provided to simply provide some ideas of necessary tennis-specific footwork.     

  1. Close ball on the forehand side
  2. Mid Range ball on the forehand side
  3. Wide ball on the forehand side
  4. Close ball on the backhand side
  5. Mid Range ball on the backhand side
  6. Wide ball on the backhand side
  7. Swing at the ball with a forehand for a ball coming directly towards your body
  8. Swing at the ball with a backhand for a ball coming directly towards your body
  9. Cut off angle with the forehand
  10. Cut off angle on a backhand
  11. Short ball in center taken with the forehand
  12. Shorter ball inside service box taken with a backhand
  13. Shorter ball inside service box taken with the forehand
  14. Backhand volley (start just inside service line)
  15. Forehand Volley (start just inside service line)
  16. Overhead (start one foot from the net)
  17. Deuce side Serve return center T (recover behind baseline T)
  18. Deuce side Serve return at the body (recover behind baseline T)
  19. Deuce side Serve return wide   (recover behind baseline T)
  20. Ad side Serve return Center T   (recover behind baseline T)
  21. Ad side Serve return at the body (recover behind baseline T)
  22. Ad side Serve return wide   (recover behind baseline T)
  23. Serve and recover from Deuce side
  24. Serve and recover from the Ad side
  25. Moving for a drop shot

Step #2  Send me the URL links of your videos that you have hosted on youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, or anywhere else. Those URLs are what you send once you press the “Click Here To Send Me Your Videos Now” button as seen at the TOP OF THIS PAGE. 

Step #3 I, Jeff Drock, will personally analyze and explain to you how your footwork needs to be corrected in an email and even a 20-minute phone conversation if you like.

What is the cost for me saving you from losing tennis matches because of poor footwork?      PRICELESS???  (maybe)  

 $699 ? NO!     $499 ? NO!     $399? NO! 

Limited Time Only Price:   $249.00!

Top Coaches Say “Good Footwork” Is The Key To Winning Tennis!  

These days the game is obviously played at a very fast pace. Using uncoordinated, inefficient movement patterns puts players at a huge disadvantage when trying to work their way up to the higher levels. Unfortunately, “TENNIS SPECIFIC AGILITY” is oftentimes not even 10% of a player’s total weekly practice time. 

Unfortunately, Many Spend 0% Of Their Training Time On Improving Their Tennis Specific Footwork Efficiency. That Certainly Shows Up On-Court And Is Even Worse In Pressure Situations!   

Doesn’t footwork get better naturally over time and comes from practicing and playing more?

No! The more players practice, the better they become at doing their “natural inefficient footwork”!  

I Will Teach You Actual Footwork Efficiency Techniques That Can Be Learned And Practice!  

Simply submit 25 minutes of video(s) to me and then pay me to analyze and fix your footwork!  

What is the cost for me saving you from losing tennis matches because of poor footwork?      PRICELESS???  (maybe)  

 $699 ? NO!     $499 ? NO!     $399? NO! 

Limited Time Only Price:   $249.00!

Do Not Let Any Coach Tell You That Players Improve Their Footwork By Becoming Faster And Be Satisfied With That Answer. 

Do Not Let Any Coach Tell You That Footwork Will Improve Over Time Some Players Just Naturally Cover The Court Better Than Others And Be Satisfied With That Answer.  

Do Not Let Any Coach Tell You That Your Footwork Will Improve Over Time Just By Practicing Your Tennis Skills And Be Satisfied With That Answer.

Won’t doing great tennis fitness drills such as spider runs and other agility drills, sprinting, ladder drills, crossover step drills, sidestepping drills, fast feet drills, the cord pulls, lunges, etc. improve my tennis movement?  

You should actually do those types of fitness drills and have a good movement base prior to working on your tennis situational specific movement patterns.  If you don’t currently work on those basics, then you should certainly take a look at my very easy to follow the program. It will help you build your tennis fitness foundation.  4-week Conditioning Program That Consists of Tennis Specific Speed, Agility, Endurance, and Total Body Strength Training  Click Here To Check Out

Foundation Drills Are Certainly An Essential Step In Your Physical Development Process……But Things Must Be Taken A Step Further In Order To Improve Your Tennis Specific Movement Skills! 

Just Like Learning Stroke Technique,  Movement On The Tennis Court Must Be Practiced If You Are Serious About Improving Your Tennis!  

 In Order to Optimize Your Stroke Production, Every Movement And Step Must Have A Specific Purpose!

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What is the Cost?

 $699 ? NO!     $499 ? NO!     $399? NO! 

Limited Time Only Price:   $249.00

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